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Adhara Financial Group is a boutique firm that provides financial services to a different and diversified customer base that includes individuals, small and medium companies, government institutions and non-profit organizations. Founded in 2016, the firm is headquartered in El Salvador, Central America.

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Our Services

  • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

    Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) services consist of a team designated to our clients in order to perform forecasting, budgeting, reporting, and analysis. The team plays a critical role in terms of supports decisions makers such as CFO, CEO and the Board of Directors.

  • Investment Banking

    Our Investment Banking Division (IBD) is meant to provide advisory in M&A transactions in order to help our clients to succeed. Aligned with the best practices in the industry, we support our clients through all the strategic steps to achieve their goals. Our IBD offers to our clients a world-class mindset in a variety of specific services.

The right financial mindset

None business or organization can be profitable successful and grow over time without financial planning and cash flow management. Managing a company involves financial criteria and a team with its Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Regardless of the structure and size, one or many in the company must measure performance and rely on technical analysis in order to make decisions that generate value to the firm.

As financial analyst professionals, we utilize qualitative and quantitative analysis of all aspects of our client’s companies in order to achieve financial goals. We offer to our clients a diversified financial team with a strong background in commercial banking, corporate finance, risk management, investment banking, and economics.